Hacks: How to Update a Tired Outdoor Sofa Set

Sofas are known as an elephant in the house. Being one of the bulky furniture and the most used piece, a sofa must be the one with perfection. It’s the piece of furniture that is used for years. So if your sofa is looking a bit tired but you’re not ready to give up on it, try one of these easy updates following.
1) New Throw Pillows:
Getting some new throw pillow on your old and tired sofa is the easiest and the least expensive option. Throw pillows have the power to transform the tired look into the new and an eye-catching one.
You have several options with the pattern, color, shape, size, and material.
Try out many other colors, shapes, and pattern. I have a bold or dark colored sofa, go for light colored pillows. If you currently have got a floral pattern try something geometric. Go for some different kind of fabric in pillows it could be leather or anything else. Throw pillows come in every imaginable style so there are no limitations to what you can do.

2) Add Some Nail head Trim:
Nail head trim is a kind of decorative made by nails pounded into a piece of furniture. This can be easily done with individual nails or a pre-made nail-border that is pounded in the surface of the furniture. If you’ve got a plain sofa and you want to an attractive and formal look to it add some nail head trim to it.

3) Stuff Saggy Cushions:
Sofas that are placed in a common room and used frequently may develop sagginess in their cushions. Sagging sofa cushions are very much uncomfortable and unsightly. However, there are a few tips and techniques from which you can fix this problem.
You can make your sofa look better by stuffing the cushion. Wrap the cushion in a layer or two of quilt batting or foam wrap. And if your sofa has still a few saggy spots, fill them with extra pieces of cotton batting.

4) Switch Out the Legs:
Switching out the legs by spraying them in a different color or changing them is a very nice option to give a new look to your sofa bed. Now a day backs and arms are manufactured as a single piece and then the legs are screwed in after. So it would be really easy if you are wanting to change them.

5) Cover it up:
Slip your sofa into something new that gives a completely different look. Come up with something more stylish and fresh. They aren’t that expensive as well. They come in a huge range of variety with different colors, fabric, and patterns.

6) Change what’s around it:
This isn’t particularly a sofa hack, but sometimes these tricks help you to completely update a piece simply by changing what’s in the surrounding.
This is the easiest of all. Try some new art on the wall behind the sofa, some new wallpaper on the wall or even you can come up with some new side tables and lamps on either side of it. You can also get a new coffee table. Other than these accessories, come up with new curtains or a rug, this will help too.  When it's surrounded by different colorful and beautiful things, your sofa might just look a bit different too!


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